Janerik Larsson:Hasch för all amerikaner?

A marijuana plant grows at Fotmer SA, an enterprise that produces cannabis for medical use, in Montevideo, Uruguay, Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019.
A marijuana plant grows at Fotmer SA, an enterprise that produces cannabis for medical use, in Montevideo, Uruguay, Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019. Foto: Matilde Campodonico
Under strecket

Den amerikanska affärstidningen Barron’s omslag pryds idag av frihetsgudinnans huvud med marijuanablad som prydnad. Temaartikeln ”American weed” handlar om hur man som investerare ska se på de kedjor av marijuanaföretag som nu växer upp i Kanada och en hel del amerikanska delstater.

I Kanada är marijuana legalt sedan den 17 oktober förra året.

I USA är frågan mer kontroversiell.

New York Times rapporterar idag om motståndet i delstaten New Hampshire mot förslag att legalisera marijuana.

The push to legalize recreational marijuana is sweeping the Northeast: Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine have done it, and the governors of Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey say they want their states to do it, too.

But in New Hampshire, Gov. Chris Sununu and some other state leaders are opposed. The problem, they say, is not just about pot. It’s about opioids — drugs that have ripped across this state, devastating thousands of residents and leaving New Hampshire in recent years with one of the highest per capita death rates from opioid-related overdoses. After so many deaths, so much misery and so much state money spent fighting opioids, the opponents say, how could anyone even think about easing access to some other drug?


There is little consensus about a relationship between marijuana use and opioid addiction, and the debate in New Hampshire, where a key vote on the issue is expected this week, is tapping into a national discussion about whether marijuana is a gateway drug or something else entirely.

“When we are dealing with opioids as the single biggest health crisis this state has ever had, you are going to tell me legalizing more drugs is the answer?” Mr. Sununu said last fall. “Absolutely not.”

Är hasch en drog som leder till annat missbruk t ex opiodmissbruk? Det är det arguentet som guvernör Chris Sununu anför. New Hampshire har en av de högsta siffrorna för opiodrelaterade dödsfall i USA och att underlätta för någon annan drog anser han vara otänkbart.

Barron’s anför inte det argumentet i sin utförliga artikel som avslutas så här:

”If you’re thinking of experimenting with US pot stocks, it’s better to wait for some of the smoke to clear.”

Ekonomiprofessorn Walter Williams hade ett alternativt förslag i sin krönika nyligen:

One of the problems with legalization of marijuana is that it gives social sanction to its use. A preferable strategy would be simple decriminalization, which does not imply social sanction. Moreover, where there is no criminal activity associated with any drug usage, it should be treated as a medical problem, as opposed to a criminal problem.

Kriminalisera inte haschanvändningen men avstå från att göra det socialt acceptabelt.